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Debt Consolidation Mortgage.

What is Debt Consolidation? It’s a way of adding all your debts to your current mortgage and consolidating into one low payment.

Do you have too many debts? Can’t handle them? Are you unable to pay minimum monthly payments? Do you have unpaid or late bills? We got solutions!

Pay off all debts once and for all and Save Money. We have helped hundreds of clients to get rid of all debts with our Debt Consolidation Mortgage at a much lower rate than the high interest rate what they are paying now.

We can guide you from the beginning until all debts are paid off so that you can live a debt free life. Our simple process will take only 7 to 14 days to complete and for you to be debt free.                                                                      

Here’s how it works

Current property value $800,000

Take off 20% of the value ($800,000 x .20) $160,000

Balance $640,000

Less Balance Mortgage amount $500,000

Maximum funds or equity available to pay off debts or draw cash $140,000

Total of all your current debts $75,000

New 1st Mortgage $575,000


Based on the above example, client can draw up to $140,000 from equity to pay off debts, home renovations, children’s education etc.

By adding all debts into the balance mortgage of $500,000, the new mortgage balance will be $575,000 ($500,000 + $75,000) 

Call Toronto Mortgage Exchange for a private and confidential appointment to find and analyse your debts with one of our Debt Consolidation Specialists.


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