Non Resident Mortgage

Non-Resident Mortgage

Not a Resident of Canada? Want to buy a property? We can help. We specialise in providing mortgage funds for non-residents to buy properties in Canada. We understand that it’s not easy for a non-resident to obtain mortgage financing.

Here are some of the questions we are asked from foreign buyers.

Can I buy property in Canada as a non-resident?

The answer is yes. Non-Canadians or non-permanent residents can buy a property in Canada however they must pay a 15% tax and in addition must pay a land transfer tax on closing.

Can a non-resident get a mortgage to purchase a house in Canada?

The answer is Yes. Non-residents can get a mortgage with a minimum of 35% down payment.

For information on how you could obtain a Non-Resident Mortgage please contact one of our agents of fill in the application.

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